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In the A home can be based on personal career planning and interest in the choice of different professional development path。 In recent years, a home established perfect company rank system, provide more choice opportunities and development space for all types of professional talent。

湖北11选5Since 2009, a home gradually began to establish sales channels, international trade, product development and design, financial management, marketing center, development department, chain business department, project department, human resources and customer service department series of professional development path, through clear all kinds of post Sheng Ren capacity requirements, for employees to establish professional development path and direction, and to develop a series of training courses for, so that employees can according to their own situation to focus on for capability.

湖北11选5In order to ensure that the employees in a home get a greater space for development, the company also introduced a key positions in the backbone of the staff rotation system, grass roots even in top management positions in the competition system, encourage employees to through fair competition for the show itself, many develop their ability to work。

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    In directly through the website for your resume, please fill out your personal information in the system. A will deploy your resume in various positions within the company, to bring more job opportunities for you;

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    Even if your resume does not meet the requirements of the position you are applying for, we will still save your resume in the system。 If there is a suitable position to open up, we will be the first time to get in touch with you;

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    Please fill in the correct contact, to ensure that the A home to get in touch with you in a timely manner;

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